Analysis of an investment attractiveness of the Zachodniopomorskie region in Poland

BBSG team conducted an investment attractiveness analysis of the Zachodniopomorskie Region. The analyses concentrated on the region’s ability to attract foreign investors in identified key industries.

Scope of our work

We analysed 10 key regional industries from the foreign investors’ viewpoint. Our analyses covered the following aspects:

  • Investigation of the FDI inflow to the Zachodniopomorskie region
  • Identification of 100 biggest investment projects in the region
  • Analysis of geographical and product structure of FDI in the Zachodniopomorskie region
  • Regional specialisations analysis
  • Analysis of investment attractiveness of the region in identified key regional industries
  • Analysis of higher education offer, taking into account the needs in identified key industries
  • Study on available, expected and possible investment incentives
  • Definition of barriers in attracting FDI to the region
  • Recommendations on means to boost FDI

Value and benefits

We developed a thorough report for the Marshall Office of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship. The key value of the report included:

  • A set of practical recommendations to overcome barriers in relation to attracting investment to the region
  • A set of clear actions aimed at attracting foreign investors
  • A set of incentives to be used
  • List of prospective target industries and countries


Important finding

Polish regions should redefine their perception of benefits from FDI. Jobs generated are certainly important, as well as taxes and duties paid to regional authorities. However, taking into account challenges facing each region and the need to develop knowledge-based economy the very important benefit of foreign direct investments is the transfer of know-how from investors to regional entrepreneurs, especially to the SME sector.

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