Carriers are the most important link in the air transport system value chain. People use air transport simply because they need to travel quickly between two or more points. Does it mean that travel doesn’t have to be comfortable, smooth and easy? Quite the opposite. The winners are those who know how to differentiate.
We advise what to do to stand out.

Redefining the passenger experience

Research and improvement of the passenger experience bring benefits which can be gathered into three main categories: revenue growth, strengthening the competitive position and improvement of the airline’s image. As a result, introduction of innovations not only in terms of fleet or network but first of all in terms of passenger service, becomes a necessity. We work according to the Service Design Thinking methodology – a method of creating distinctive services which allow a company to excel in the market in technical, economic, functional and emotional areas. Foundations of this method were developed by SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Today, projects implemented in accordance with this approach are implemented by numerous successful carriers.

We help to introduce innovations in the carrier’s offer.

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Our offer

  • Passenger profiling
  • Passenger experience analyses
  • Identification of areas for rapid improvement
  • Introduction of innovative passenger services
  • Service design – designing new and improving existing services for passengers

Our value proposition

  • Increase in passenger loyalty
  • Strengthening  a positive company Image
  • Strengthening a competitive position against other carriers
  • Revenue growth

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