Private investor at Chisinau Airport

BBSG team conducted a thorough evaluation of possible methods for involving private investors in development of Chişinău International Airport. Our work involved definition of a most favourable model for cooperation and development of transaction details for the recommended model.

Scope of our work

Scope of our work involved:

  • Analysis of the airport attractiveness for private investors,
  • Financial and legal aspects of involving a private investor,
  • Business plan,
  • Risk allocation analysis,
  • Definition of performance indicators for the airport concessionaire,
  • Development of eligibility and selection criteria for airport concession
  • Financial model assumptions
  • Ad hoc support

Value and benefits

Following our analyses a concession model was selected as the optimal solution. The public owner of Chişinău International Airport received a comprehensive model for involving and cooperating with a private investor. Essential elements of a private investor acquisition process and successful cooperation between public and private sides were identified.


Important finding

Central & East European market has so far made limited use of available methods for cooperation between public and private aviation sector players. However, we expect a significant move towards cooperation between airports and strategic and financial investors in search of capital and know-how.

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