Redefining the passenger experience at Poznań Airport

The key objective of our passenger experience project at Poznań Airport was to to discover the truth about Poznań Airport’s passengers, which means understanding their genuine needs and motivations. While working on improvement of the passenger experience at Poznań Airport we have applied new approach which has never been used before at airports in Poland.

Scope of our work

We have deeply analyzed the customer journey map between security and boarding. The following issues have been studied:

  • To what extent the time spent by passengers at security check, measured objectively and observed subjectively, influence the passenger experience?
  • How does passenger experience at security check influence the propensity to spend airside?
  • How to best manage the passenger experience be to increase the propensity to spend airside?

In-depth studies of passenger were only an introduction to develop a set of recommendations of strategic nature, as well as a number of quick wins.

Our approach

The keynote of the study was to analyse services offered by the airport from the passenger’s perspective. Our method allowed to accurately point out bottlenecks of the services offered and recommend changes. We have applied multiply design techniques which are used successfully in other industries. We’ve  gathered a multidisciplinary project team including researchers, service designers, sociologists and aviation consultants.

Important finding

Time and space are the crucial elements influencing retail experience of passengers at airports. Disorders of “spacetime” experienced by passengers result in serious commercial inefficiencies: many passengers limittheir activities airside to monitoring time left and boarding information.

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