Strategy implementation for an airport managing entity

We supported one of the biggest airports in the Central and Eastern Europe in the process of strategy implementation. The strategy assumed implementation of 12 initiatives forming together a strategic programme.

Scope of our work

Warsaw Chopin Airport managing entity expected BBSG support in the following areas:

  • Strategy implementation – implementation of all 12 strategic initiatives;
  • Strategic analyses related to operational activities of the airport.

In response to these expectations BBSG offered full time and on-site support of an experienced Programme Manager.

Our approach

To obtain best results one of BBSG experts was seconded to fulfil the role of a Programme Manager at Warsaw Chopin Airport and support the process of strategy implementation full time and on site.

His role included:

  • Verification of the reporting system;
  • Support for Project Managers responsible for implementation of particular strategic initiatives
  • Monitoring and evaluation of implementation activities for particular initiatives;
  • Monitoring of the entire strategic programme;
  • Status reporting to the management body;
  • Internal communication across the teams.

Key responsibility of the Programme Manager in strategic analyses related to support for the airport managing team with specialist knowledge in the areas of airport infrastructure, aviation market, benchmark analyses.

Value and benefits

The role of the Programme Manager included supervision of strategic initiatives implementation process (coordination, communication, administration) in a way which allowed to contribute to achieving the prime goal of Warsaw Chopin Airport strategy. This role was fulfilled successfully within the assumed time frame.

Important finding

The key challenge in strategy implementation is the correct and conservative scheduling, budgeting and instant monitoring of these values. The key objective at the initial stage is to correctly determine scopes of particular initiatives and correlations between them. Last but not least, communication between different levels of the company proves crucial.

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