Public sector

The public sector has always been one of key areas of BBSG operations. We are proud to support local governments in creating more attractive business environment for investors, stimulate economic growth of regions, support local governments in their role related to organization and management of transport infrastructure. We have always understood that in contrast to private investors, more complex factors, other than the financial rate of return, are taken into account by public sector managers.

Air services development

In Central and Eastern Europe the public sector still plays a pivotal role in the process of development of air services. This is expressed not only by its ownership of aviation assets, but also by the growing understanding of air transport’s role in strengthening economic and social potential of regions. At governmental level, the public sector plays a regulatory role and is nominated to support air transport at strategic level.

We assist the public sector at different levels  in creating efficient air transport policies.

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Our offer

  • Financing the development of aviation activities: market analysis, private investor tests, revision of financial and development plans, feasibility studies
  • Planning and development of airport infrastructure
  • Strategies and sectorial policies
  • Optimization of cooperation with carriers, marketing support - planning and assessment of results
  • Business models for local airports
  • Analysis of economic and social impact of airports
  • Models of cooperation between different modes of transport

Our value proposition

  • Objective assessment of the validity and profitability of the of public funds for aviation activity development
  • Beneficial solutions not only for the aviation sector, but also for residents and regional economy
  • Optimal use of air transport potential
  • Contribution of airport infrastructure in creating economic and social strength of the region

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