Since 2004 airports and the aviation sector in general in Poland and across Central and Eastern Europe have been experiencing dynamic growth. An increase in the number of passengers, also in their expectations, appearance of new connections, airlines and development of infrastructure bring many new challenges which BBSG helps to answer.

Non-aviation revenue growth models

For many airports in Central and Eastern Europe aviation revenue are still the key sources of income. Aviation activity often represents a zero-sum game. These airports are under from carriers which demand further reduction of airport and handling charges. This makes non-aviation revenue streams even more important. At the same time, some European airports already earn more than half of their income from non-aviation sources. As a result, non-aviation activity may help build a competitive advantage of an airport.

We advise how to increase non-aviation revenue streams.

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Our offer

  • New business models for commercial activity at airports
  • Optimum physical arrangement of commercial outlets
  • Elaboration and supervision of the process of selecting best business partners
  • Strengthening relations between airports and their commercial partners

Our value proposition

  • Non-aviation revenue growth
  • Cost optimisation of non-aviation activities
  • Improvement of relations with commercial partners
  • Acquisition of new partners
  • Improvement of passenger experience
  • Additional financial sources for development of connectivity

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