Since 2004 airports and the aviation sector in general in Poland and across Central and Eastern Europe have been experiencing dynamic growth. An increase in the number of passengers, also in their expectations, appearance of new connections, airlines and development of infrastructure bring many new challenges which BBSG helps to answer.

Small airport – significant benefits

Small can be beautiful – airport infrastructure is not limited only to huge hub airports. Hundreds of smaller airports handling limited traffic can be found on the map of Europe. And a different kind of aviation life develops at this local airports. This environment encompasses: general aviation, aviation trainings and aircraft maintenance. Many airports can go beyond this limited range of services in the future. They will never become hubs, but can surely support regional economic development. To achieve this goal a specific development plan is needed.

We know how to bring out unique values of each location.

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Our offer

  • Stakeholders analysis
  • Workshops on the development of a business model for local airports
  • Establishment of a comprehensive development concept for local airports
  • A business plan for a local airport or individual projects
  • Analysis of validity of airport certification
  • Evaluation of the impact of a local airport on the city and region

Our value proposition

  • Reconciling interests of different parties
  • Real concepts for the use of airport infrastructure
  • Identification of a procedural framework for local airports
  • Optimization of operating costs
  • A detailed action plan for airport owners
  • Use of ” difficult assets ” to the region’s development

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