Since 2004 airports and the aviation sector in general in Poland and across Central and Eastern Europe have been experiencing dynamic growth. An increase in the number of passengers, also in their expectations, appearance of new connections, airlines and development of infrastructure bring many new challenges which BBSG helps to answer.

Route development

Every destination and every airport competes with hundreds of others to attract limited resources of airlines. Doing what others do, and the way they do it, bring inadequate results. To be successful you need to differentiate. That is why a comprehensive air service development programme is required. This programme should involve other entities interested in route development, as establishing new routes and developing existing connections is no longer the concern of airport management companies only. Attracting and maintaining airlines have long ceased to be limited to introducing an attractive package of discounts on airport charges.

We help to create and implement long-term and comprehensive route development programmes. We support airports and airlines in maintaining mutually beneficial relations. We never forget that volume can go hand in hand with quality of traffic.

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Our offer

  • Air traffic potential forecast
  • Identification and prioritisation of opportunities – destinations and carriers
  • Proper marketing tools selection and communication plan
  • Stakeholders identification and plan for their involvement
  • Development of rational and convincing business cases for carriers
  • Catchment area analysis
  • Airport connectivity analysis
  • Ex-post assessment of the effects of route support

Our value proposition

  • Comprehensive Programme, not one-off actions
  • Differentiation from the competition, not imitation
  • Application of innovative tools and solutions
  • Joint effort of different entities, not limited to airport team
  • Precise traffic demand forecast
  • Optimization of the financial effort, including marketing programmes
  • Air traffic growth – new connections, higher frequency, larger aircrafts , better schedules

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