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Sky&More 2019 conference

On Thursday, May 30, another Sky&More aviation industry congress took place in Rzeszów. BBSG was the content partner of the event.


Impact mobility rEVolution’18

On August 30 our colleague Sebastian Gosciniarek participated in a round table discussion on the new Polish Central Transportation Hub organised by Impact mobility rEVolution’18 as a part of wider

We are at your service

Leveraging the experience we have acquired, we decided to create an independent advisory company – a flexible organization, which, on the one hand, understands the needs and possibilities of local markets and on the other, offers international-standard services. Many years of work for a leading international advisory companies gave us an opportunity to participate in delivering numerous advisory projects, both in Poland and worldwide. These projects have always required to provide the highest possible level of services to meet the expectations of even the most demanding of clients. We maintain this highest standard at BBSG.

sebastian-gosciniarek Sebastian Gościniarek
bartosz-baca Bartosz Baca
wojciech_lawniczak Wojtek Ławniczak
david-king David King
wojciech-jagodzinski Wojciech Jagodziński

We support sustainable growth of our clients

Our experts have over 20 years of experience in supporting clients, searching for answers to their needs and co-creating solutions. We treat our clients’ challenges as ours. Constant improvement and innovation of our services is a must in a rapidly changing environment.

How can we help grow your business?